A terpenoids database with the chemical content as a novel agronomic trait


Database (Oxford). 2024 May 22;2024:baae027. doi: 10.1093/database/baae027.


Natural products play a pivotal role in drug discovery, and the richness of natural products, albeit significantly influenced by various environmental factors, is predominantly determined by intrinsic genetics of a series of enzymatic reactions and produced as secondary metabolites of organisms. Heretofore, few natural product-related databases take the chemical content into consideration as a prominent property. To gain unique insights into the quantitative diversity of natural products, we have developed the first TerPenoids database embedded with Content information (TPCN) with features such as compound browsing, structural search, scaffold analysis, similarity analysis and data download. This database can be accessed through a web-based computational toolkit available at http://www.tpcn.pro/. By conducting meticulous manual searches and analyzing over 10 000 reference papers, the TPCN database has successfully integrated 6383 terpenoids obtained from 1254 distinct plant species. The database encompasses exhaustive details including isolation parts, comprehensive molecule structures, chemical abstracts service registry number (CAS number) and 7508 content descriptions. The TPCN database accentuates both the qualitative and quantitative dimensions as invaluable phenotypic characteristics of natural products that have undergone genetic evolution. By acting as an indispensable criterion, the TPCN database facilitates the discovery of drug alternatives with high content and the selection of high-yield medicinal plant species or phylogenetic alternatives, thereby fostering sustainable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly drug discovery in pharmaceutical farming. Database URL: http://www.tpcn.pro/.

PMID:38776380 | DOI:10.1093/database/baae027